user experience designer

My job is to make applications intuitive, foolproof, and fun. First, I brainstorm and sketch wireframes based on a clearly defined problem. I then create clickable prototypes and conduct usability studies which guide improvements. Finally, I refine the visual presentation and build the interface in stable & flexible code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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sci-fi & fantasy illustrator

My talent is using color, light, and composition to tell stories set in fantastic worlds. Armed with lessons from my former RISD professors like Shanth Enjeti and Jon Foster, I aspire to someday be printed alongside my favorite illustrators in the Spectrum Fantastic Art annual, on Magic: the Gathering cards, and on sci-fi & fantasy novel covers.

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indie game developer

My quest is to create games that engage imaginations and challenge minds. Indie game development encompasses various disciplines — game design, user experience, interface design, programming, illustration, animation, graphic design, writing, audio production, music composition, and marketing. It's an epic and fulfilling challenge!

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