Adam Hunter Peck

UX / Product Designer
Adam Hunter Peck

Hello! I'm Adam, a product designer and manager with years of experience. My passion is simplifying complex systems through accessible and intuitive design.

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Work Experience

Virgin Pulse
38 Studios


Robin: Activities
Robin: Furnishings
Virgin Pulse: Rewards
Virgin Pulse: VP Passport
Virgin Pulse: Journeys
Hasbro: Smart R2-D2
Hasbro: Furby Connect
38 Studios

Platform Experience

Responsive Web Apps
Mobile Apps: iOS & Android
Integrated Tech: Bluetooth, QR, NFC, Mixed Reality

Tools & Languages


My Design Process

Research: observe, listen, question
Empathize: understand users' goals and problems
Define: clarify the problems to solve
Ideate: explore solution concepts
Prototype: build testable demos
Test: gather user feedback and adapt
Implement: finalize and launch
Measure: analyze user data for insights
Iterate: reflect and revise
Share: document and socialize learnings


Jennie Donovan

At every step of the job, Adam leads with kindness and empathy — for his teammates, for users, and for the business.

Jennie Donovan, direct report, Product Designer at Robin
Vidur Madhav

Adam's calm and positive energy is contagious, and it makes hard work feel easy.

Vidur Madhav, direct report, UX Designer II at Virgin Pulse
Jason Beene

He's not afraid to question convention and take on big, bold design challenges, and he skillfully does so with a measured and balanced approach. Adam's open-armed approach to design allows for the experiences he crafts to be accessible and inclusive.

Jason Beene, manager, Senior Creative Producer at Hasbro
James Lema

Adam is a patient listener, an insightful designer, and he's not afraid to ask "why?"

James Lema, teammate, Lead Producer at Hasbro
Phil Tavares

It's the enthusiasm he brings to every project — the way he advocates for the audience, gets the team to care about the user experience as much as he does, and pours every ounce of energy into his work — that's what distinguishes Adam.

Phil Tavares, manager, Executive Producer at 38 Studios
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